Are you living the life that you want or the life that others want for you?

Doctor ITALO GABRIELE, a Certified Holistic Nutritional Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) will hear and guide you towards yourself, in order to have the leading role of your life , accomplish your goals and dreams, have energy, motivation, happiness and fulfillment.


Have you accomplished those 5 things in life you always wanted?

 Our holistic approach to health takes into account your body, spiritual and mind health and aims to maximize your fulfillment and happiness.

Health Coaching

Accomplish your goals and dreams, open the doors for happiness

During a 30, 45, 60 minutes or longer, confidential session, you will tell Doctor Italo about your current life and habits. Through self-reflective questions you will start taking awareness about yourself, your dreams and goals.

At the end of the session , Doctor Italo will provide with 2 to 3 simple strategies to be applied during the next week(s) before your follow up sessions

You can enroll in either of these two programs:


You will have health coaching sessions every two weeks during 12 weeks ( 6 months ).

Scientific studies performed by Dr. Phillippa Lally have determined that although new habit formation could take as little as 18 days and as long as 254 days, at 6 months you consistently achieve a NEW HABIT.

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These are weekly health coaching sessions performed during 12 weeks ( 4 months ).

This is suitable for those people really determined to CHANGE their LIVES and willing to apply strategies in a RADICAL and INTENSIVE way. After its completion you can extend it or switch to the normal program.

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The 5 main U.S. Health  problems ( cancer, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes and autoimmune illnesses) are totally preventable and determined in 85-90% of cases by BAD HABITS and POOR DIET (smoking, alcoholism, processed foods, physical inactivity, toxic chemicals and environment) and in 10 -15% by our genes.

Doctor Italo, Holistic nutrition


We aim to provide awareness and mindfulness about how each single ingredient of our food can change our cells DNA in a positive or negative way

This service includes nutritional lectures, teaching how to read labels, how to identify genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), how to avoid toxic foods and chemicals (glyphosate, pesticides, food additives and preservatives).

Additionally, we explain how not to be fooled by certain gluten-free, dairy-free, soy free and dye-free products.

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Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy is a critical period in the life of any woman that has decided to have a child, build a family and/or increase it. It’s a very special moment where is essential to have “peace of mind” and know that everything is going right with the baby.

Before and during pregnancy, micronutrient deficiencies, like for example of folic acid, can lead to serious diseases like spina bifida and/or myelomeningocele where the baby’s spinal cord develops outside of the body due to vertebrae defects. Therefore is very important for a pregnant woman to have excellent nutritional principles.

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Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding is vital for a newborn with amazing short term and long life benefits. It is also the first love bond between a mother and her baby. New moms lack experience and feel really insecure about their breastmilk quality and supply. During centuries women of different traditions and cultures have used certain foods and spices called galactogogues which increase not only their breastmilk production but also its nutrient density.

Doctor Italo Gabriele is an International Pediatrician specialized in newborns, a breastfeeding counselor and promoter with more than 20 years of expertise. He is also a Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition of New York focused in increasing his patients consciousness and wellness.

How Does It Work?

Babies & Children’s Food:

Whether you’re a new mom or you have more than one child, making the transition from breastfeeding to new foods in your baby, is not always easy. Doctor Italo’s Pediatric experience and knowledge will guide you smoothly and seamlessy through this process promoting what is called Baby-Led Weaning. This usually starts at 6 months of age when the baby has neck control and is capable of sitting with support.

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We aim to create awareness about how each ingredient in our food can change our cells DNA in a positive way


We offer a personalized online or presential service at breakfast, lunch, dinner, meals and/or snacks, whether you are at home or dining in a restaurant, where scientific-based counseling is provided in order to have healthier options tailored to each person’s choice with the goal of achieving optimal nutrition with great flavor. Experimenting with new flavors and cleaner foods will be the key to transform and enjoy every single food of your day.

Sessions have a duration of 10-20 or 30 minutes according to the depth of knowledge you need.

How Does It Work?


We provide a customized service where we visit your house physically or online in order to check your pantry, counters and/or refrigerator to see what you and your family eat on a daily basis. During a session of 30, 45, 60 minutes or more we will analyze the composition of every single product and discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each of them.

You will learn how to be AWARE of misleading information and how to choose REAL, CLEAN, HEALTHY and DELICIOUS foods.

How Does It Work?
Hippocrates of Kos (460 -370 BC), referred as the “Father of Western Medicine”, is reported to have said: “Let Food Be Thy Medicine, and Let Medicine Be thy Food”. Since 2,500 years ago, “the Father of Medicine” recognized that daily food choices, habits and lifestyle are critical for good health and overall wellness.
Doctor Italo, Holistic nutrition


This program is an online and/or presential journey to an online and/or physical supermarket where you can learn how to choose not only the food you love, but also the one that gives you “super” energy and great health. During sessions of 30, 45, 60 minutes or more, DOCTOR ITALO, taking in account your tastes and preferences.

How Does It Work?


We offer an online and/or presential journey to an online and/or physical restaurant where you can learn how to choose from the menu not only tasty and delicious foods , but also those that provide you with energy, satisfaction, happiness and great health.

During sessions of 30, 45, 60 minutes or more, DOCTOR ITALO, will take in account your tastes and preferences in order to teach you, educate you, guide you and make you AWARE of pro-inflammatory foods with hidden, dirty or deceitful ingredients versus the best choices to be taken in account when you take out or dine outside from home.

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Each person has a unique body and reacts in a particular way to food. The Holistic approach takes in account this “Bio-Individuality” to achieve optimal health, fulfillment and happiness. Food should be understood as anything that nurtures your body, emotions, mind & spirit.

Epigenetics shows that food choices and lifestyle can change your DNA in a positive or negative way. This service uses superfoods to turn on your good genes and turn off your bad genes.

Through personalized confidential, presential or online sessions of 30,45 or 60 minutes, you will be empowered to prevent or improve diseases with knowledge about spices, ancient traditions and superfoods.

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Interactive Sessions

We’ll guide you towards a life where you are in control

We perform group participatory interactive sessions of 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes to 2 hours for people interested in improving their own health or the one related to their beloved ones, breastfeeding mothers, newborns, babies, toddlers, children, pregnant women, sick patients, and seniors in a presential or online mode.

This service includes lectures, webinars and special presentations with questions and answers (Q&A) for general public, corporations and schools with a holistic approach. Our goal is to generate reflection, education, critical thinking, self-awareness (mindfulness), consciousness, wellness, fulfillment, peace and sustained happiness.

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Group Workshops

The goal is to make a change in the person’s mindset toward positive thinking, enthusiasm, fulfillment and happiness by integrating ancient traditions with modern medicine and non-biased scientific evidence.

In this half day (4 hours) or complete day (8 hours) we work focused in health modules (obesity, stress, insomnia, sugar addiction, diabetes, fatigue, cancer & depression, among others) in order to create communities with common problems that can support each other with an integrative and holistic approach.

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Corporate Wellness

A positive work environment is key for productivity. A healthy and happy employee will save the company where he works, a lot of money in health costs, absenteeism and legal issues.

A holistic audit of the organizational culture and climate are a critical feedback for entrepreneurs and business men. We aim to answer these key questions:

  • How are tasks performed in your company?
  • Do your employees have good habits ?
  • Do they take care of themselves?
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” If you are looking for meaningful change in your way of living and the pursuit of your goals, health related or not, Doctor Italo has the knowledge to really make a difference”

Gustavo Castro Urdaneta

“ I needed a profound change in my nutritional habits and Doctor Italo pushed me into having the right mindset and willpower to achieve that change”

Ricardo Mendoza

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